The Effective, Convenient Way to Buy Your Next Home or Investment Property

Whether you’re buying your first home, your forever home, or an investment property, BlueMatch offers an unparalleled purchase experience. In Colorado, you can work directly with one of our BlueMatch agents all along with the front range from Fort Collins to Denver all the way down to Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Outside of Colorado, we partner with many experienced, customer-centric affiliate agents who can offer a similar experience to what you’d find with one of our agents in Colorado. Whether you’re working directly with a BlueMatch agent, or one of our affiliates, our extensive experience, and hands-on approach will help guide you through to a successful closing.

Benefits to Buying with a BlueMatch Agent:


On Demand Showings

BlueMatch believes that showings should happen on your schedule and not the other way around. All BlueMatch agents have access to an entire team of showing assistants, so if for some reason your agent isn’t available at a specific time, one of our many showing assistants will be able to show you the property.

Closing Cost Reimbursement

Although working with a buyer’s agent doesn’t cost you anything, BlueMatch knows there are other costs involved in the home buying process. BlueMatch will reimburse your costs for both your appraisal and your home inspection at closing. It’s just one of the ways we’re making home-buying more affordable.

Free One Year Home Warranty

We know purchasing a home can be stressful (even when we do everything in our power to de-stress the process). In closing, BlueMatch offers a one year home warranty which will cover many of the major systems in your home within the first year of ownership. It’s just one less thing you need to worry about!

Cash Rebates

If you are a cash buyer, or would rather just get a rebate instead of having some of your closing costs reimbursed, we’d be happy to help. The rebate is based upon the property you purchase. Your agent can offer you more details during your initial consultation.

Five Star Service

First and foremost, our agents get results for our clients. It doesn’t matter what kind of incentives you receive at closing if the experience was terrible or you weren’t able to get the right home for you. Although we can’t control the market, we will make it work for you. Our reviews speak volumes about the level of service we provide.

Knock Certified Agents

BlueMatch has Knock certified agents that work with the Knock Home Swap program to empower you to buy a new home before you even list your house for sale. Knock not only provides you the opportunity to purchase a home before you sell but also funds for prepping your home for sale, your new home down payment, and mortgage payment coverage.

*Only certain metro areas are currently eligible for the Knock Home Swap program.

Benefits of Working With an Affiliate Agent:

  • Outside of certain areas in Colorado, BlueMatch works with a variety of affiliate agents who can work with you in pretty much any area within the United States. Although the process varies slightly when working with one of our affiliate agents, there are some serious benefits that you should be aware of.
  • BlueMatch only partners with affiliate agents who are both experienced and have a high customer satisfaction rating. When working with one of our affiliates, they not only want you to have a great experience working with them but also want to continue partnering with us into the future as well. A lot of our clients really like having the agent not only accountable to them, but also to us as well, so there’s always that additional level of accountability.
  • In addition to the benefits of working with a pre-vetted agent, BlueMatch also offers cash rebates when working with one of our affiliates. Although the incentives aren’t quite as high as when working with one of our agents directly, these rebates can still be quite sizable making them a valuable additional benefit.

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