Selling FAQs

No, there are not any upfront fees or costs to use our service. Our only cost is $2995 which is only due upon closing and is paid from the proceeds of your sale. We provide everything you need both upfront and throughout the selling process to successfully sell your property.

When you first start working with us, you’ll have an on-boarding call, with your client care manager who will help manage the entire process from start to finish. During this call, our team will answer your questions, learn about your situation,  your timeline, and learn more about the property you’re selling. If you’re looking for some more in-depth help with preparing your property for sale, another time can be scheduled for a home improvement consultant to visit your property. Photos are also scheduled (based on your schedule), and after photos come back, and in-depth price and market analysis are performed and discussed with you. As the property owner, you are ALWAYS in control and all decisions are ALWAYS yours to make. We’re just here to help and provide in-depth guidance throughout the process based on 100s of successful sales.

We can get you listed in as quickly as one week. We always recommend taking some time to prepare your home for sale even if that just means doing a deep clean and touching up some paint, and even if that means it takes a few more days until you’re ready to list, you’ll always get a benefit from the work you do. That being said, though, if you have everything ready to go on your end, we can move very quickly on our end.

Our agents are happy to give advice on some of the work needed to maximize your sales price. Oftentimes the smallest, and simplest things have the highest return. Thoroughly cleaning your property before showings, touching up paint, painting over custom colors with more neutral modern colors, replacing dirty or worn carpeting, and touching up the landscaping in the front yard can all make a HUGE difference.

Sometimes though you need a little more help or maybe thinking well, this home would probably sell faster and for a lot more money if I had some more extensive work done. For a lot of sellers, in addition to managing multiple contractors, most homeowners don’t just have the money needed for this work available before listing. With our partnership with Curbio, you can have this work done through one source and pay for it all at closing.

We strive to keep our process streamlined and convenient based upon what’s been proven to work in the past, however, we also know that one size doesn’t fit all. We want you to be successful, and sometimes that means doing some renovation work to your property before selling. If this is your situation, we can help. We’ll schedule a time for a home improvement consultant to come out to the property, make recommendations on the most cost-effective and simplest renovations needed to maximize your sale price, and then provide a detailed estimate for you to review. You’re under no obligation to have this work done, but if you choose to, the best part is that the cost can be paid from your sale proceeds at closing!

The Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement will run for 6  months. However, you are able to cancel after 90 days. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason or have an extenuating life circumstance, BlueMatch will allow you to cancel before those 90 days are up. We offer a 90-day offer guarantee which guarantees you will receive a bona fide offer within 90 days. There are some terms and conditions for this guarantee within the listing agreement such as needing the price to be within 1% of what the market data shows it should be priced at. If we’re not successful in getting a bonafide offer within 90 days of listing your property for sale, BlueMatch will continue to list your home for an additional 90 days and waive the flat fee of $2,995 due at closing. Click here for more details on the 90-day offer guarantee.

A general warranty deed is the most common way that title is transferred. A general warranty deed is sometimes just called a warranty deed. It is guaranteeing that there are no title issues for the life of the property. Please click here for an article that gives a great summary of information on the most common types of deeds.

Yes, as the seller we do strongly recommend offering a commission. In most markets, we find that offering 2.5%-3% gets the best results. It is ultimately the seller’s choice, however, we do not recommend offering less than a 2.0% commission to a buyer’s agent. Ultimately you can choose what you’d like to offer a buyer’s agent when you work with us, we’ve just found that typically when less than 2% is offered, the seller oftentimes nets less money in the end. (even though they’re saving some on commission, those savings are outweighed often by a lower sales price) Again though, we do let you offer what you feel is fair.

There may be some other ‘closing costs’, which are dependent on the offer you receive as well as what’s common in the area you’re located in. In Colorado and most counties in Florida, sellers typically pay for the owner’s title insurance policy. That typically costs about $2000 or less. There’s also typically a closing service or escrow fee to pay the title or closing company for their services. That is typically anywhere from $300-600 and is often split with the buyer.

If your property has an HOA, there may be some closing costs that you’re responsible for related to the HOA such as an HOA transfer fee and an HOA status letter. These are set by your HOA, and depending on the offer, may be paid for by the buyer of your property. There’s also prorations for things like property taxes and outstanding balances on water bills. Your agent can give you a breakdown based on an average offer in your area, or based on the terms of a specific offer, so you can evaluate these potential ‘closing costs’.

During the home sale process, the buyer of your property will generally have an inspection contingency. This gives them the opportunity to have a professional inspect the property and potentially ask for any repairs if the inspector finds issues. For most properties, there are generally at least some repairs that a buyer will ask for. Oftentimes, you can give the buyer a credit at closing that they can use to address these items. As a general rule of thumb, we’d advise that you factor in around $1,000 for any potential repair requests.

For the most part, even if a buyer does purchase your property ‘as is’, they are generally still going to insist on having an inspection as part of doing their due diligence. In the course of their inspection, if there is a major issue discovered, most buyers are going to either ask for it to be repaired or terminate the contract. The important thing to keep in mind with these cases is that once you are aware of an issue with your property, you’re going to need to disclose that issue to future buyers. In most cases, it’s better to address the issue that was discovered than go back on the market and disclose this to future buyers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that usually properties that are advertised as being ‘as is’ are in worse condition than the average listing. Potential buyers will factor this ‘as is’ disclaimer into their offer price, which oftentimes means you’re not going to net as much on your sale as if you didn’t advertise it this way. In most cases it does not make sense to market your property this way, however, your listing agent can advise you better based upon your specific situation.

Generally, the unrepresented buyer will contact BlueMatch directly and we will arrange a showing for them with either one of our agents, or one of our affiliate agents. If the buyer chooses to place an offer, Bluematch can work as a transaction broker and help facilitate the sale of the home by ensuring both parties a successful transaction. No matter how the buyer finds your property, there will be significant savings for you if an unrepresented buyer purchases your property.

If the buyer comes through our efforts, reaches out directly to us, and a member of our team or an affiliate agent conducts the showing the buyer’s agent commission will be reduced to 2% and the listing agent commission will be eliminated. (so only 2% for the entire transaction) If the buyer approaches you directly, and/or you show the home to the buyer, we would only charge an additional $2995 at closing in addition to the $2995 paid at closing for working as your listing agent.

We’re always happy to let you show your home to a prospective buyer, so just let your listing agent know if this is an option you’d prefer we use in all circumstances. Remember, we’re always happy to find a solution that works best for you.

In these cases, we’d be happy to facilitate the entire transaction for you for only $2,995 due only upon successful closing. In this case, we will do everything from writing the contract all the way through to helping facilitate any arrangements after closing.

There’s a lot more to process that happens after a contract is drafted, than most homeowners (or home buyers) often realize. Even writing the contract to purchase can be challenging if it’s not something that you do every day. If you’re not overly familiar with the documents used in a real estate transaction, even a simple mistake can create a lot of headaches and potentially cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars during the process. Worse yet, it can lead to the contract being terminated, or a potential liability after closing.

During the home sale process, there are a lot of things that can happen. What would you do if an inspection revealed a major issue that you didn’t have the funds to address? What if the buyer is having issues with their financing (mortgage)? What if an appraisal comes in below the contract price, and the buyer wants to terminate? These are just a few of the more common scenarios that can happen. A lot of times a buyer will not feel comfortable purchasing your property without having any assistance from a licensed real estate agent, which would cost several times more than the $2995 at closing. In the past, our clients have found that this service oftentimes saves them much more than the $2995 that’s being paid, and in some cases, the buyer is willing to split or pay for some of this cost.

Staging your home before the listing can often be a good idea for unique spaces or layouts that may be hard for a buyer to envision themselves living in. Although staging can make a difference, oftentimes doing a deep clean, decluttering, and removing excess furniture can also make a huge difference. If your home’s layout is fairly standard, oftentimes an empty home is just fine. During the home sale process, home sellers have a lot to think about, and sometimes hiring a professional cleaner, or stager in some cases can reduce stress and more than pay for itself. Your agent can advise you further on your unique situation.

BlueMatch uses an automated showing service called ShowingTime. The showing service verifies that the person wanting to see your property is a licensed agent. We’ll set everything up for you with this service, so once you get a showing request, you can respond to it via text message, email, or phone call. (most sellers prefer to receive a text message and email) From there you can either approve, reject, or ask for another time. Once the showing is approved, you’ll get a message with the date and time of the showing for confirmation. After the showing occurs, you’ll also oftentimes receive showing feedback from the agent who showed your property. Your agent at BlueMatch will help track and evaluate the feedback you’re receiving. Click here for more information on ShowingTime.

BlueMatch agents generally do not host open houses. Open Houses are generally used as a way for real estate agents to find buyers who are very early in the process and are not currently working with or committed to an agent. Studies and data have shown that Open Houses are used primarily for the benefit of the agent to gain new, future business, but rarely benefit their current seller client. At BlueMatch, we like to focus on things that are proven to benefit you in your property sale, so do not recommend Open Houses as a way to market your property.

Most serious buyers either are working with an agent and will schedule a private showing or will reach out to us directly to schedule a private showing. However, we are able to promote an open house on the MLS and this syndicates to other sites. Sometimes our clients like to host their own open house, and on occasion, we’ve had affiliate agents that we partner with hold open houses for clients as well (since they are hoping to attract some new buyer clients of their own). Please keep in mind that with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the regulations and liability surrounding Open Houses are constantly changing, so some of these options may not be available in your area.

BlueMatch does provide professional photography to all of our clients before listing at no additional cost. We’ve worked extensively to find photographers whose work leads to the lowest days on market and highest net sales prices. That being said, if you do have professional photography that’s already been taken and you’d like to use it, we’d be happy to use those photos. In some cases, we may even be able to discount your cost at closing depending on what you have available.

In most cases, we are able to do that. It does depend on your area, and the local MLS rules, however a majority of the MLS systems we’re on do allow “Coming Soon” listings. Wherever we’re able to facilitate a “Coming Soon” listing, we’d be happy to do so. A coming soon listing can be a great part of an overall sales strategy which your listing agent can advise you further on.

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