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Although we started out as more of a listing company, in recent years, we’ve worked with a lot more buyers. Our experience helping hundreds of home sellers has given our team a unique perspective and insight into the seller’s mentality, which is especially helpful for buyers in a competitive market. We’ve worked with all types of buyers, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned real estate investors.

Yes, our agents not only have access to any of the homes on the MLS (not just those listed by BlueMatch), but can assist you with a For Sale By Owner property, help coordinate a transaction from a seller that you already have agreed to terms with, or pretty much any other situation for that matter. Our website allows you to browse all the properties on the MLS from Fort Collins to Pueblo.

In Colorado, if you’re buying in the Denver metro area, Fort Collins metro, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Evergreen, Pine, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs metro, or Pueblo, we’re available to work with you directly. Outside of these areas, BlueMatch works with a variety of affiliate agents who can work with you in pretty much any area within the United States. Although the process varies slightly when working with one of our affiliate agents, there are benefits and incentives to working with either our team directly or with an affiliate agent.

Compared to other agents, BlueMatch agents have significantly more experience and therefore understand the market much better. BlueMatch works with as many clients in a month, that an active agent from another brokerage does in a year. This in-depth understanding of the market helps significantly in being able to purchase the property you want for the best possible price (and have the ability to compete in a tough seller’s market). Even if an agent has been in the industry for 30+ years, that experience is spread out over time, so their experience 20 years ago doesn’t necessarily mean they understand today’s market. With our agents, that experience is much more concentrated on today’s market.

Another big difference between BlueMatch and other agents is that we work on your schedule. Although you’ll primarily be working with one person on our team, you have the complete ability to see houses 7 days a week regardless of your agent’s schedule. We utilize a showing service that allows us to contract a showing assist any time you’d like to see a home. We know everyone lives busy lives, so our belief is that we should work around YOUR schedule and not the other way around.

Finally, BlueMatch also offers great incentives at closing for buyers regardless of if you work directly with a BlueMatch agent or one of our affiliates. Check out our page on buying with BlueMatch to learn more about the many benefits of buying your next property with us.

If you’re working directly with a BlueMatch agent, we offer some great incentives at closing. We’ll reimburse your appraisal fee, inspection fees, AND give you a one year home warranty which will help cover some common repair costs if there are issues with the interior systems of the home.

For cash buyers, BlueMatch offers a cash rebate back at closing. This rebate varies based upon the price of the property, so please do inquire with your buyer’s agent. Keep in mind that we’re flexible and understand that there’s a variety of situations other than the two mentioned above. If you’re not a cash buyer and would rather have a cash rebate or some help with other closing costs, just let us know and we can find an incentive that best works for your situation.

Although the incentives are a nice perk, they don’t really make a difference if you’re not able to get the best deal on a property you’re purchasing. With BlueMatch you’re able to both get this benefit and the benefit of working with an experienced, savvy agent.

If you work with an affiliate agent we’ve partnered with, we are able to give you a cash rebate after closing. Not only that, but we only work with top agents in each market that have a consistently high customer satisfaction score. Although the rebates are generally larger when working directly with a BlueMatch agent, it is still a significant amount of money and you can rest assured that you’re working with an experienced, vetted professional.

Given that the great majority of home buyers use financing (mortgage) of some type, we first recommend talking with a lender. We have several lenders we’d be happy to recommend, but we also are happy to work with any lender that you have chosen to work with.

Most homebuyers first want to look for a property and then explore financing. Although this is common, we recommend getting pre-approved with a lender first so you have a better idea of what you can afford, the monthly costs of a mortgage based on current interest rates, and have the ability to shop lenders and compare rates. Once pre-approved, the lender will give you a pre-approval letter that can be submitted with your offer. That way if you happen to find that perfect home, you don’t risk losing out due to not having your financing in order or having a weaker offer because you’re not already pre-approved with a lender. In fact, many home sellers require a pre-approval letter before considering your offer.

A pre-approval is always preferable to a pre-qualification. In general, a pre-qualification is issued before a pre-approval and is more of a rough estimate of terms from the lender without actually verifying any of the information that you’ve given them. Once the lender pulls your credit and spends some time verifying the information you’ve given them, they can issue you a pre-approval letter. There is a little more to it than that, so for more information, please check out this great article by Investopedia here.

We sure can! In fact, working with BlueMatch to both sell your current home and buy your next home oftentimes makes the process a lot simpler since you can either work with the same agent for both, or those agents can coordinate the process together. There are lots of strategies we can use to make the process more seamless when both selling and buying.

Furthermore, we also offer a really neat service that allows you to purchase your next home for cash before selling your current home. Ask your agent for more details about this valuable program.

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