Washington Homes For Sale: List Your House without a Realtor

The last thing that anyone wants to do in a hot real estate market is to leave money on the table. Fortunately, in that state of Washington homes for sale by owner have a secret weapon in the quest to get the most from one of their most important investments: BlueMatch.

Traditionally, the home selling process involves finding the right realtor, and in exchange for their assistance, you, the seller, agree to give them a portion of the final sale price. This typically works out to around 3%.

However, the more you get for your home, the more that three percent is. In some areas of Washington homes for sale are commanding top dollar. In a hot market, this can take $10-15k right off the top of your final settlement. It’s gone in an instant, just like Keyzer Söze.

Now you may say to yourself, realtors need to make money too, plus they know the market and help out in a lot of different ways. These are all true statements. But you can get all of that for a single, flat-fee with BlueMatch.


BlueMatch + Washington Homes for Sale = More $ For You

Fully licensed in Washington state, BlueMatch offers home sellers an alternative path to a “Sold” sign out front, and you keep more of the sale price as well.

With BlueMatch, you pay a flat rate, for Washington state that is currently $2,995, and you get access to all of BlueMatch’s for sale by owner resources. This includes listings in the MLS and all the most popular online real estate sites, like Zillow and Red Fin, professional photography, and more.

A for sale by owner approach to selling doesn’t need to a be a solitary and complex process. BlueMatch isn’t like some FSBO places that just give you a DIY toolkit and wish you good luck. We harness modern technology to make the sale process easier.

Plus, we work with licensed realtors in your area so you get the same advice throughout the sales process that you would get with a traditional realtor, but for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re in Seattle, Spokane, or somewhere in between, you don’t have to rely on the traditional home sale process. BlueMatch offers the services sellers have come to expect from a traditional realtor, with all the freedom and flexibility of a for sale by owner.


Before you list your house in Washington state, get a free BlueMatch consultation and see just how much you can save. Your bank account will thank you!

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