How do I Sell My House Without an Agent to Advise Me?  

It’s a question many have: “How do I sell my house without having to overspend on a real estate agent?”

The answer is – don’t hire one, but don’t sell it on your own, either. How does this work? Many people don’t realize there is a third option. You can sell your own home with all of the insight of a real estate agent, without the big fees associated with it.

Common Methods for Selling a Home Are Not the Only Option

Working with a real estate agent directly provides a number of benefits. They offer incredible insight, important tools you need to sell your home quickly, and can list your house at the highest price. One of the primary benefits of a real estate agent is getting access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is a listing of most homes for sale in a given area. They also provide benefits like lockboxes so that agents can show your home and even provide those showings themselves.

The problem is, you’ll likely pay at least a 3% commission to list your home with an agent. On most homes, that’s thousands of dollars you’ll pay to your agent for the sale of your home. That’s money out of your pocket.

On the other hand, many people have turned to For Sale By Owner (FSBO) options when wondering “How do I sell my house” effectively. That means you pay nothing to anyone else to sell your home. That’s a big savings to you, but you lose all of that important resources you may need.

BlueMatch Is the Solution

BlueMatch is a service available in the states of New York, Colorado, Minnesota, and Washington. If you plan to sell your home, this is by far the most practical and affordable option available. What does BlueMatch do for you?

BlueMatch partners with licensed real estate agents – similar to those you would normally hire in your community. BlueMatch also works hand-in-hand with brokers (these are groups that manage real estate agents). What’s unique is that these professionals provide insight, step-by-step information, and answers to your questions.

But, they do it without the incredible cost associated with traditional realtor listings. With BlueMatch, you gain the access to the information and resources of a real estate agent with the freedom and cost savings of a FSBO. Overall, this is the ideal world especially when you consider how effective and accessible this type of service is.

Let the staff here at BlueMatch eliminate the stress of asking yourself “How Do I Sell My House without an agent?” Contact us today to set up an appointment – and start saving money.

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