How to Sell a Home Fast When the Market Is Slow

Selling your home can be both a daunting and exciting time. When you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life in a new home or place, you probably want to sell your home quickly.

When you’re trying to figure out how to sell a home fast, there are several things you can try yourself to get it sold quickly. If you’re struggling with a slow real estate market, this can bring on even more challenges.

From decluttering to repainting the walls, here’s a quick round-up of home hacks to help your house sell faster, even in a slow market.


One of the worst things you can do when selling your house is to leave it messy, overstuffed, and unorganized. Instead of looking at the structure of your house, all potential buyers will see is your stuff.

Even if you have a large home with ample closet space and storage, if your house is a mess your home will look like it isn’t big enough.

You want to portray your home as having plenty of space and a good amount of storage.

Use this time to clear your counters of mail, extra appliances, and miscellaneous items. The same goes for bathroom counters, closets, dressers, walls, and other surfaces. Decluttering could have a positive impact on your mental health, so it’s something you should do regularly anyway!

Decluttering will also come in handy when you move. You’ll be one step ahead when it’s time to pack if you sort your belongings now.


To help your home show better, declutter and purge anything you aren’t taking with you before you list it. If you have a lot of stuff, you can even rent a storage unit to house it until you move.

Anything you can remove will help people envision themselves in your space instead of looking at all your belongings.

Go through your house and remove anything you don’t need or use. If it’s in decent shape, you can donate it to those in need. Throw away anything that’s broken or worn down.

The more you can get rid of, the less you’ll have to move later.

Re-Paint Your Home

There is something about a fresh coat of paint that can make a house feel new. If you haven’t painted your house in the last ten years, chances are that your walls look pretty drab and beat up.

Potential buyers want to see clean, fresh, updated houses. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on remodeling your home to sell, a few gallons of paint will be worth the investment.

Choose white or a neutral color that will appeal to the masses. Even if someone doesn’t like white walls, a buyer will appreciate the finished priming and prep work.

If a potential buyer walks in and sees years of mismatched, colorful paint all over the home, they will deduct that cost from their offer. They may not even make an offer if your home appears to need too much work.

A new coat of paint can give people the idea that you’ve maintained your home.

Make Repairs

If you have been starring at a faucet that has fallen off for months, now is the time to get it fixed. Minor repairs won’t take much time, but they will improve the overall feel of your home.

If a potential buyer walks in and sees broken things in your home, they may start mentally deducting these from the value of your home. Think of each needed repair as little dollar signs that are coming off the selling price of your home.

Take a weekend before you list your home to knock out some small repairs. Spending a little bit of time fixing things now will help you sell your home quicker.

Do Small Upgrades

If you have the budget to make some small updates to your home, you will usually see your money back. Make smart, small upgrades to help your home show better.

Small updates can include removing wallpaper, changing out vanity cabinets, painting kitchen cabinets, or updating hardware.

Don’t forget lighting when you’re thinking of ways to update your home. People will appreciate all the little updates you make, including any pretty new lights you install.

If you have a bigger budget, remember that kitchens and bathrooms give the most bang for your buck at resale time. In the kitchen, you can replace backsplash, paint your cabinets, or upgrade your counters and you’ll create a whole new room without spending too much money.

Potentially buyers will appreciate any updates they don’t have to do when it comes to the kitchen or a bathroom.

Stage Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your home quickly, you may have already moved out of it before it went on the market. If your home is sitting empty, this can sometimes make it harder for people to picture themselves in the space.

Potential buyers need to see what purpose each room in your home has. Staging your home can help define certain rooms, and create a neutral space that is trendy enough to appeal to the masses.

If you can afford professional staging, even if it is only in a couple of rooms, you’ll add value to your home.

If professional staging is too expensive, you can stage your home yourself by moving furniture, setting up scenes, and decluttering your items.

Add Some Curb Appeal

Nothing says welcome home like a nice looking front porch. The front of your home is where you’ll make your first impression. This is the first thing people will see when they come to view your home.

Make your home stand out and give it a fresh look by upgrading your curb appeal. To add some curb appeal, you can start by raking leaves, picking up debris, and removing dead plants.

If the weather allows, you can breathe some new life into your lawn by planting a few flowers or bushes. You can also update your front door, upgrade your fencing, and add some charming front porch furniture.

Window boxes with flowers are also a nice add on that any new buyer would appreciate.

Replace Your Fixtures

Your fixtures can be an inexpensive way of upgrading your home without spending a lot of time and money on bigger repairs.

You can replace faucets, door handles, and cabinet pulls for only a few hundred dollars.

Any fixture you update will make the entire room look newer. These small changes can add value to your home and will also help it sell faster.

Some key fixtures to think about include lighting and faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms. You can also replace showerheads and bathroom fixtures to make it look like your bathroom is more updated.

Add New Accents

Once your home is decluttered and freshened up, adding some new accents can help give it a new look. You can replace throw pillows, blankets, bedding, and drapes to give any room in your home a refreshed look.

Accent pieces are easier and less expensive to update than replacing an entire room of furniture. You can also take these items with you when you move so it isn’t money wasted.

Rugs are another affordable update you can make to change the look of your home. You can also update a fireplace or create an accent wall to add some character.

Work With a Professional You Trust or Go FSBO

Another important part of selling your home quickly is to decide whether or not you want to enlist with a real estate professional or try your luck with for sale by owner, also known as FSBO.

If you’d like to work with a realtor, go with someone you trust. You want to work with a professional who you know has your best interest in mind and someone who shares your goal of selling your home quickly.

In a slow market, you need a professional realtor who has their pulse on your neighborhood and community.

If you decide to go with selling your home yourself, consider a service where you’re able to list the home yourself but you also get professional help with reduced fees and costs. This option gives you the best of both worlds because you’ll have the help you need while also saving money.

Now That You Know How to Sell a Home Fast, Get Started Now

When you’re worrying about how to sell a home fast, there can be a lot of stressors in your life. Maybe you’re carrying two properties, or buying your new home is contingent on selling your current one.

Whatever the case, you need your home to sell quickly, and there are a few things you can do to help make this happen.

If you’re ready to speak with a professional about listing your home, visit the list now page to get your home up for sale quickly.

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