Seattle Real Estate Market Outlook: Don’t Lose Money to Realtor Fees

Today’s Seattle real estate market outlook is simple: the seller is in charge. According to recent data, the city has the lowest number of days on market in the country (just 20) and has seen a 13.7% increase in sales price in July alone.

The moral of the story? Your home’s going to sell—and fast, too.

Don’t Give Your Money Away

So if your property’s going to sell no matter what, why should you hand over a portion of your sales proceeds to some realtor you’ve never met? Why not go it alone, and keep the cash for yourself?

In today’s market, you very well can do that—and you probably should. There’s no reason to lose money to realtor fees when your home can sell with or without them.

But there’s another facet to consider—the added value a realtor can bring to a transaction. Because they know the market better, are experienced in pricing and negotiating and are intimately familiar with staging and marketing properties, realtors can often sell a home for a much higher price than an owner-seller ever could. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, homes sold by owners average only about $185,000 per listing, while agent-sold homes average $240,000—a difference of $55K.

Still, despite the marketing and negotiating chops a realtor brings to the table, when you consider that some agents command as much as a 6% commission, the temptation to sell your home yourself remains.

What if You Didn’t Have to Choose?

BlueMatch Realty understands that sellers don’t want to give a significant portion of their proceeds away to an agent, and we also recognize the value realtors can add to a transaction. With BlueMatch, you don’t have to choose. With our zero-commission, zero-contract solution, you get the guidance and knowledge of a bona fide professional, without all the expensive fees that traditionally come with an agent.

Get in touch with a BlueMatch Realty agent today and take advantage of today’s bright Seattle real estate market outlook—without emptying your bank account to do so.

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