How to Get a Free MLS Listing

The Free MLS Listing

People often reach out to us at BlueMatch asking for a free MLS listing. Technically speaking, almost every agency (including BlueMatch) will put you on the MLS for free. So if you are looking for a free MLS listing, then most agents provide that. What they charge you once your home goes under contract or if you break your contract is a different story.

The MLS in almost every state is accessible only by licensed agents. Membership costs to these MLS’s vary by MLS but usually range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a year per MLS. This means you pretty much have to use a real estate agent or a company that employs licensed agents to access your local MLS.

Now as for a free MLS listing, here are a few things you need to know:

Most Agents and Companies Provide a Free MLS Listing

providing a demo of a free mls listing

As stated earlier, most companies will list your home without any money down or upfront costs. These companies usually only take a payment when they successfully sell your home. But be careful. The commissions and fees can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Traditional agents are also notorious for making their clients sign a long commitment and charging you a cancelation fee if you decide to terminate. These fees can also be thousands of dollars.

Flat Fee MLS Listings are a Good Alternative to a Free MLS Listing

Flat fee MLS access is usually a great alternative to people looking for a free MLS listing. Companies offering Flat fee MLS usually employ licensed agents and provide what is known as limited services. This means they list your home on the MLS for a fee and nothing else. If you are looking for something close to a free MLS listing, this is great if you have the resources and knowledge to manage the home sale. The downside is you often have little to no support and you really need to be fairly well versed in conducting real estate transactions.

Tech-Enabled Brokerages can be the Best Combination of Support and Cost

Companies like BlueMatch are popping up like crazy. Over the last ten years, hundreds of these companies have been showing up in markets all over the country. These services are usually a great combination of cost and support. When using a company like BlueMatch you will want to make sure you do your due diligence. The level of service, price, and outcome can range greatly. Some companies charge flat fees. Some charge a reduced commission. Decide what your goals are and make sure the company you choose is aligns their goals with yours.

A free MLS listing is only part of what it takes to list and sell a home successfully. If you are looking to maximize your net proceeds, putting together a game plan is key. BlueMatch is always happy to help answer any questions you may have about buying and selling your next home.

As always, happy selling!


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