Fort Collins Real Estate by the Numbers – January 2018

Home to the main campus of Colorado State University, Fort Collins continues to be a strong real estate market. The most recent data for Fort Collins goes through December 2017. Let’s take a look at how the year ended up and how those numbers compare to the yearly averages.


Sale Prices Trending Up

This chart has some great information in it. The solid green areas are the number of homes sold, the blue bars are the number of active listings, and the red line is the median sale price.

It’s interesting to see that the number of sales remains pretty consistent from 2015 through 2017. Meanwhile, the number of active listings appear to dip in 2016, but recover with a vengeance in 2017.

Especially during the peak summer season, there were a lot of options for buyers in Fort Collins.

Twenty-seventeen also saw a big spike in median sale price leading into the summer. After June, these numbers start to decline, but you’ll notice that even at the end of the year, the median sales price in December was higher than it was in 2017.

Comparing the month of December year-over-year, the median sale price for homes in the month have definitely increased since 2014.


Fort Collins Real Estate – A Deeper Dive

Now, there’s a lot of information in this table, but we’re primarily interested in the last two columns on the left. Those have the information for December 2017 and the yearly totals for 2017 respectively.

There are a few interesting tidbits here. First, notice that the number of active listings is the same in December 2017 vs December 2016. However, the median sales price increased almost $11,000 in 2017 to just over $375,000. As you can see, Fort Collins home sale prices year-over-year increased 7% in 2017.

And yes, it’s true. The average days on market ticks up to 77 in December, but the average for the year is 71 days. So, it’s not as though the difference is drastic.


The Fort Collins area remains a strong real estate market. If you’re looking to sell a home in or near Fort Collins and have any questions about these data, the area, or the sales process, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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