5 reasons to work with a flat fee realtor in Minneapolis

5 Reasons to Work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis

Shopping for either a traditional agent or a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis can be challenging. Choosing to work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis can save you money in commission and make the process much easier. Flat Fee Realtors work similarly to traditional agents in that they carry the same licenses and provide real estate agent services. Selling your home For Sale by Owner? You should consider selling with a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis instead.

The median home value in the Twin Cities is roughly 267K. Considering the average listing agent commission is 3%, the total cost to sell a home using a traditional agent is about $8,000. That’s a boat load of money! Think of the vacation you could take with $8,000 or more.  You could even buy new furniture for your home or put a down payment on a brand new car.

Below are 5 reasons you should consider working with a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis vs selling your home for sale by owner.

Agents Get More for Homes on Average vs FSBO

Based on a study published by the National Association of Realtors in 2018, agents average significantly more for homes vs FSBO. Combining the power of a Realtor without paying high commissions to traditional agents is a great combo. Remember that your goal should be to net the most for your home. Not just save on fees and commissions.

Using a flat fee realtor in Minneapolis provides you with the guidance and marketing needed to successfully sell your home. Most flat fee realtors charge anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Compared to traditional agents, the savings can be significant.

Flat Fee Realtors can Save You Thousands

Traditional agents in the Twin Cities charge upwards of 3% just to list and sell your home. When you work with a Flat Fee Realtor like BlueMatch, you save thousands just on the listing side! For example, if you sold a home in the Twin Cities for $350,000, you would pay roughly $10,500 to your listing agent. With a Flat Fee Realtor like BlueMatch, you would pay only $895. Thats a savings of almost $10,000! What could you do with an extra $10,000? Using a company like BlueMatch allows you to put that money in your pocket. Not your agents.

Even if you choose not to use BlueMatch, other flat fee realtors in Minneapolis can still save you money. Most flat fee realtors charge $3,000 on the high end. In many cases you can find companies that charge much less. On average though, most flat fee realtors fall in the mid $2,000 range. If you are lucky, you can sometimes find them under $2,000.

Flat Fee Realtors in Minneapolis are Licensed Agents

Real Estate lawsuits are much more common than most people think. When you sell your home for sale by owner, you are potentially exposing yourself to future litigation. When you work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis, you are working with a licensed company or individual. This means they must comply with state and federal laws. They must carry errors and omissions insurance. They must complete your transaction in a legal and compliant manner. By working with a Flat Fee Realtor, you are reducing you liability and risk when it comes to potentially harmful outcomes.

About a year ago, a person selling their house with BlueMatch was sued by a buyer. Because BlueMatch is a licensed company and carries the proper insurance, our case was covered by E&O insurance. The case turned out to be frivolous and was eventually thrown out. Our legal bill was covered and the outcome was in our favor. If this individual decided to sell FSBO, the outcome would have been way different. They would have had to cover a large legal bill and there was a good chance that they would have had to settle.

The liability portion of real estate in our opinion is what should deter anyone to sell FSBO. the risk of getting sued and getting tied up in court is just not worth it. Having a professional by your side provides not only piece of mind, but also can limit your liability.

Agents Stop Calling to Harass You

If you have ever sold a home for sale by owner, than you know the first thing that happens when you list is agents start hammering your phone. FSBO’s are the number one target for agents to call to try and drum up new business. This can be very frustrating for the individual selling their home. When you list with a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis, agents can no longer legally call you and solicit your listing. The calls change from pesky agents to people actually wanting to buy your home.

If an agent does continue to call or harass you, simply tell them you will file a complaint with the board of realtors and we guarantee they will stop almost immediately.

Avoid Potential Scams 

There are always bad people looking to make a quick buck. If a person is looking to scam someone in Real Estate, FSBO’s are an easy target. There are all kinds of scams that people can take you for. Everything from stealing items from your home during a showing or even worse, scamming you out of hundreds of thousands through various types of fraud. Using a Flat Fee Realtor in Minneapolis like BlueMatch can help you avoid these types of potential scams.

Real estate scams can not only cost you money, but they can ruin everything you worked so hard for. Losing the equity in your home or having your life savings wiped out is devastating. With the minimal cost of listing your home with BlueMatch at $895, the piece of mind we provide is priceless. Remember, that $895 is only paid if your home sells.

If you are looking to list and sell your home, BlueMatch is always a great resource so please feel free to contact us anytime for advice or with questions. Happy Selling!

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