5 Reasons to Work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Dallas

5 Reasons to Work with a Flat Fee Realtor in Dallas

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Shopping for either a traditional agent or a Flat Fee Realtor in Dallas can be challenging. Choosing to work with a flat fee Realtor can save you money in commission and make the process much easier.Most  flat fee Realtors work similarly to traditional agents in that they carry the same licenses and provide real estate agent services.

In many cases, selling with the right flat fee Realtor in Dallas can save you more money that selling your home FSBO. In all of the states that BlueMatch operates in, someone licensed must facilitate the real estate transactions. Most people end up paying an attorney or a title company to do this. Title companies many times bake in additional fees that are unbeknownst to the home seller.

Considering FSBO’s statistically get less for their homes and knowing you are going to have to pay additional fees anyway, it no longer makes sense to FSBO. If you are selling your home For Sale by Owner in Dallas, you should consider selling with a Flat Fee Realtor in Dallas instead.

Below are 5 reasons you should consider working with a Flat Fee Realtor in Dallas vs selling your home for sale by owner.

Agents Get More for Homes on Average vs FSBO

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Based on a study published by the National Association of Realtors in 2018, agents average significantly more for homes vs FSBO. Combining the power of a Realtor without paying high commissions to traditional agents is a great combo. Remember that your goal should be to net the most for your home. Not just save on fees and commissions.

As a Texas native, I attempted to sell my first home FSBO in San Antonio. My home sat on the market for weeks without any interest. Frustrated, I ended up hiring a local agent and negotiating a 1% fee if I promised to buy through them. Within days, my home was under contract and we were happy.

Using a top brokerage like BlueMatch greatly increases your chances of selling fast and netting more money. If you are not careful, you may end up losing more through price drops trying to sell on your own.

A Flat Fee Realtor in Dallas can Save You Tens of Thousands

Save a bundle with the best flat fee MLS listing service

If you were to hire a traditional agent vs a flat fee Realtor in Dallas, you would pay thousands more. In some cases, tens of thousands more. In Dallas, the median home price is almost $300,000 and the average listing agent commission is 3%. On a 300K home, your commission to just list would be almost $10,000! With BlueMatch, it would only cost you $$2,490. That’s a savings of over $7,500!

When you think about why people sell FSBO, the number one reason is price. In Dallas, the agents make more on a percent basis than any other state BlueMatch operates in. When you combine the power of an agent without the price tag of a traditional agent, it becomes a no brainer. Using a flat fee Realtor in Dallas now becomes a bargain vs a huge expense.

Flat Fee Realtors in Dallas are Licensed Agents

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Real Estate lawsuits are much more common than most people think. When you sell your home for sale by owner, you are potentially exposing yourself to future litigation. When you work with a flat fee Realtor in Dallas, you are working with a licensed company or individual. This means they must comply with state and federal laws. They must carry errors and omissions insurance. They must complete your transaction in a legal and compliant manner. By working with a Flat Fee Realtor, you are reducing you liability and risk when it comes to potentially harmful outcomes.

In Texas, all Realtors, including flat fee Realtors, must be a fiduciary to their clients. This means when you work with a company like BlueMatch, you are working alongside a licensed and experienced professional that has a legal duty to get you the best possible deal they are able to. There is a pretty large variance in the quality of flat fee realtors in Dallas so you will want to do your homework. Make sure the company you choose has a strong track record. Never pay anything upfront and avoid contracts that bind you to working with a company for a certain period of time.

Realtors Stop Calling to Harass You

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If you have ever sold a home for sale by owner, than you know the first thing that happens when you list is agents start hammering your phone. FSBO’s are the number one target for agents to call to try and drum up new business. This can be very frustrating for the individual selling their home. When you list with a flat fee Realtor in Dallas, agents can no longer legally call you and solicit your listing. The calls change from pesky agents to people actually wanting to buy your home.

This is actually one of the biggest compliments we receive once a client goes from a FSBO to a BlueMatch client. BlueMatch also provides you with all of the tools you need to keep you safe and make your transaction as seamless as possible. These tools range from professional photos, sign, & lockbox, MLS access to automated showing services. Having the right tools for any job can make all the difference.

Avoid Potential Scams by Working With a Flat Fee Realtor in Dallas

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There are always bad people looking to make a quick buck. If a person is looking to scam someone in real estate, FSBO’s are an easy target. There are all kinds of scams that people can take you for. Everything from stealing items from your home during a showing or even worse, scamming you out of hundreds of thousands through various types of fraud. Using a flat fee Realtor in Dallas like BlueMatch can help you avoid these types of potential scams.

If you are looking to list and sell your home, BlueMatch is always a great resource so please feel free to contact us anytime for advice or with questions. Happy Selling!

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