You Can Save Money with a Discount Real Estate Broker

Some people may be wary when they see a phrase like discount real estate broker, but they don’t need to be.

No Need to Worry

In large part, wariness about a discount real estate broker is the same about any product or service labeled as ‘discount.’ People naturally associate cost with quality, so the more expensive something is the better it must be.

There are countless examples where this line of thinking breaks down. Just look at Vizio, the TV manufacturer. It first made a splash selling affordable flat-screen TVs.

When dealing with services, we tend to think of quality in terms of experience. The longer someone has been doing a job successfully the better they are at it. That’s why, when you’re looking to sell your home, you need to consider the experience of the agent and/or company you’re thinking about using.

Defining ‘Discount’

Real estate can be a confusing and fast paced industry, which is precisely why so many people choose to use an agent to help guide them through the process. But to understand where a discount real estate broker fits into the equation it’s important to understand what the actual sticker price is for an agent.


Real estate brokers work on commission. We’ve talked a bit about real estate commissions in this space before. Typically, the commission for any home sale is split evenly between the buying and selling agents.

If you can reduce the size of the commission on one or both sides of that equation, you save money. This is where the term discount real estate broker comes into play. Companies and agents that fall into this category typically find ways to reduce the commission(s) in a real estate transaction, thus putting more money in your pocket.

A valuable point to remember about real estate commissions is that they are negotiable. Agents might want a 2.5–3.5% commission but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what they’ll get.

The BlueMatch Difference

At BlueMatch, our basic service lets you can completely eliminate seller-side commission. You can see everything that’s included with our entry-level, free tier. If you want the guidance of a realtor, upgrading gets you round-the-clock access to one of our own seasoned, licensed real estate agents for a fixed 1% commission.

Instead of paying 5–7% in commission on your home sale, with BlueMatch you can get that number to 3.5–4.5%, or even lower depending on what you can negotiate for the buyer’s agent.

So, when we talk about discount real estate brokers, we’re not talking about reduced services or guidance. We’re simply talking about empowering sellers to set the terms of their home sale when it comes to working with real estate agents, both on the buying and selling side.


Check out our How It Works page to find out how BlueMatch helps you save money.

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