Why BlueMatch isn’t Like Other ‘For Sale by Owner’ Sites

There are hundreds of for sale by owner sites on the web today, making it easier than ever to list your home, share it and get it the visibility and reach it deserves—all on your own. But at their core, they’re still just websites—static venues on which to post pictures, list a few details and maybe book a showing or two. They don’t really offer any guidance on how to sell your home, and they certainly don’t give you any assistance in doing so.

That’s where BlueMatch Realty stands out. Unlike other for sale by owner sites, we’re more than just a venue. Sure, we’ll list your home for you—but not just on some barely seen website that no one visits. We’ll put it in the MLS—the listing service seen by all agents, realtors and their buyers across the country.

Our agents will also:

  • Secure a professional photographer to show your home in the best light
  • Market your listing to buyers in your area
  • Negotiate contracts and bids on your behalf
  • Manage, schedule and conduct showings
  • Handle the title and closing process
  • Guide and support you throughout the sale

Best of all? We won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it. Unlike traditional realtors, who charge as much as 6% of your sales proceeds, BlueMatch Realty is completely commission- and contract-free. All we require is a small payment from your closing settlement—a payment you’ll get back if you use BlueMatch to buy your replacement property.

Why BlueMatch Realty Really Works Perfectly as a For Sale by Owner Site

At BlueMatch Realty, we offer a simple, affordable and convenient solution that puts more money in your pocket and less weight on your shoulders. So call BlueMatch Realty at 888-601-5166 today, and see why other for sale by owner sites just don’t measure up.

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