7 Ways To Sell Your Own Home Fast

While there’s often no reason to do anything drastic (or drastically expensive), minor improvements can make a huge difference in the price and speed at which you sell your own home It’s ideal if you make any renovations before your home is listed for sale; even more important, please let our team know the upgrades you’ve made recently through our survey so we can highlight this in your home’s marketing.


Along with cleaning, this is both the cheapest and most important item to address if you’re looking to maximize your home sale price. Removing any personal items like family photos is a good place to begin. In regards to furniture in the home, make sure it’s not taking up the majority of space in a room and is situated to take up the least amount of space and let light flow through the room. Less is more, which means rooms look larger (always a good thing) with less stuff. Remember that buyers may not share your style or taste in decor, so it’s best to limit these elements.


Along with a decluttering, a thorough cleaning is equally important to show your home in the best possible light. While you don’t need to hire a professional cleaner, many sellers find that hiring someone to do a deep cleaning before the home is listed for sale is is oftentimes worth the investment. When cleaning, pay special attention to eliminating any pet or smoke smells. Sprinkling a few boxes of baking soda on the carpeting a few hours before vacuuming often does the trick!

Cabinet Hardware

Adding modern hardware and drawer pulls to cabinetry instantly makes your kitchen look upgraded and more appealing. Brushed nickel and stainless steel work almost universally.


Removing and replacing dead trees or shrubs, replacing dead grass, and planting flowers all help make a great impression on a buyer before they even enter your home. As simple as it sounds, even a new doormat, new house numbers, and painting or replacing the front door can make a big difference since these are the first things a prospective buyer sees.

Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

Replace any outdated lighting or plumbing fixtures with new ones. For many people this can be an easy DIY project. This is especially true for any of those 80s and early 90s gold fixtures your home may have. Lighting fixtures are often discounted when purchased in sets of 2 or 3 from home improvement stores, so this can be an inexpensive upgrade. Always opt for lighting fixtures with more lumens (the measure of light output) as good lighting is attractive to prospective buyers.

Return Rooms to Original Use

If you’re using a bedroom or dining room as an office, remove those items from this room and replace with a bed and night stand or kitchen table if you have one available. Buyers are not nearly as creative as you would imagine!

Window Treatments

Remove any window treatments that overly restrict the flow of light into a room. Everyone appreciates lots of light!


Selling your own home can be daunting and nerve wracking, but for some, it’s the best option. Contact BlueMatch today to sell your own home quickly and on your own terms – commission free.

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