10 Tips for Selling a House in Florida Without a Realtor

selling a house in florida without a realtor

Selling your home can be quite a process, but there may be times when you don’t want or need to deal with a realtor to clinch the sale.

If you’re considering selling a house in Florida without a realtor, there are several things you should know that will make the entire process much easier.

Read on to discover 10 tips that will help you navigate the FSBO process to your home will sell quickly and for a decent profit without help from a realtor.

1. Understand the Costs

Even if you’re planning on selling a house in Florida without a realtor, there will be a few costs incurred. Every state has its own set of fees that home sellers have to pay, and those should be included in the closing.

A few costs you can expect to pay will include title insurance and costs to cure any survey defects. These costs will protect you in case there’s an issue with the title later.

If you’re selling without a realtor, it’s also a good idea to hire a real estate attorney. Most charge by the hour, but they could be worth it for such a large transaction.

Other seller fees include local and state transfer fees and other government-related costs. Make sure you understand all of the upfront costs in advance so you’re prepared.

2. You’ll Market Everything Yourself

One of the perks of having a realtor is that they do a lot of heavy marketing lifting for you. If you decide not to use a realtor, remember that you’ll be responsible for spreading the word.

Use the Internet to your advantage and post your home on as many websites as possible. Posts signs around your local area and talk to friends and family so they can do some word of mouth marketing.

Getting your home on the MLS is the best way to reach potential buyers. Find out how much it costs and if you can add your home to the MLS at a discount or for a low fee.

3. The Real Estate Market and Selling a House in Florida Without a Realtor

Experienced realtors know their local market well, which means they have a good idea of what your home should sell for. If you choose not to use a realtor, you need to have a good grasp of the Florida real estate market.

If you price your home too high, it could sit on the market for weeks or even months at a time. If you price it too low, you might end up losing out on some serious profit.

When you go to list your home, run some comparables of homes nearby that have sold within the last 30-60 days at most. This will give you a good idea of where you should start so you can list your home at an appropriate price.

4. Know the Laws in Florida

Every state has its own laws in regard to real estate, so it’s crucial to know what they are when you list. In Florida, there are a few things you must disclose to buyers in advance.

Some of the things you must disclose include what appliances need repair, if there are any major defects in electrical or plumbing systems, and any legal issues. Make sure you know all of the laws so your listing is covered.

If you’re selling a condo, Florida also requires a few additional disclosures. Understanding the local laws will protect you from major headaches later when you sell your home.

5. You’ll Save Money

One of the perks of selling a house in Florida without a realtor is the extra money you’ll get to pocket. Real estate agents will receive a commission when you sell, which cuts into your bottom line.

Without the use of a realtor, you could end up making several thousand dollars more. Some people who choose to sell their homes themselves list the property at a discount for this very reason.

Run some numbers and do a side-by-side comparison of what you’d get with and without a realtor. This can help you decide how much to post for the asking price for your home so that you’re still making money at the end of the day.

6. You Have More Control Over the Process

When it comes to showings, you will have more say over the process if you go FSBO. Realtors can offer to show potential buyers your home almost any time they choose, which can be extremely stressful and annoying.

If you forego a realtor, you can have home showings around your schedule and lifestyle. You’ll also have much more control over the entire selling process itself.

Using a realtor can be a great help, but it can also be a hindrance to some sellers. Weigh the pros and cons and determine how important it is for you to control the process from start to finish. If it’s a priority to you, then you might want to try to sell the home yourself.

7. Make Sure Your Photos Are Excellent

Today’s homebuyers are more Internet-savvy than ever before, which means they expect to get a good view of homes before they even walk in the door. A professional realtor usually has staff who can take some pretty impressive photos of your home.

Since you likely don’t have access to a professional photographer, you’ll need to make sure that your interior and exterior photos are exceptional. Take clear photographs in good natural lighting.

Post as many pictures as you can, and include the main rooms like the bathrooms and kitchen. Do wide shots so that buyers can get the “big picture” of your home before they schedule a showing with you.

8. Curb Appeal is Crucial

Whether you’re using a realtor or doing it yourself, curb appeal is a crucial element to any successful sale. Take some time to really look at your home and decide how it might look to potential buyers.

If your house needs a fresh coat of paint, now is the time to do it. If the landscaping could use some revamping, go ahead and cut dead limbs and plant some fresh flowers.

Making your home look beautiful from the outside is what will entice buyers to want to see the inside. Don’t forget to spruce up your curb appeal before you list the home on the market. The good news is that most exterior updates are fairly easy and don’t have to cost a fortune to be effective.

9. Be Realistic

Selling a home without a realtor can be a bit stressful since you’re tasked with doing everything yourself. You’ll need to be realistic when you list your home and understand that it could take a long time before you get a bite.

Even if you market your home all over the web, FSBO tends to take longer in some areas than selling via a real estate agency. You should also be realistic about your price and what the home will sell for.

When you choose to go the FSBO route, you can definitely make more than you might if you hired a realtor. However, some areas in Florida have slower sales than others, which means you may have to lower the price as time goes on. As long as you’re patient and realistic, you can sell your home for a decent profit at the end of the day.

10. Remember the Key Elements of Home Sales

It’s easy to get caught up in the process of selling your home and putting it on the market, but there are some things you have to do regardless of whether or not you use a realtor. Home inspectors, appraisers, and surveyors will need to have access to your home so they can do their jobs.

All real estate transactions in Florida and throughout the country must go through a specific process. This includes title searches, surveys, and of course – the appraisal.

Remember all of these crucial elements when you go to sell your home so that you’re ready to deal with whatever comes your way. As long as you have your bases covered, the transaction should be fairly seamless. Be prepared to take some time off to schedule all of these things so it’s taken care of on time.

Selling Your Home Yourself is Possible

Once you’ve gotten to know your market and weighed the pros and cons, selling a house in Florida without a realtor can be a great way to make a profit. Use these tips to help guide you through the process so you’re set up for success.

You don’t have to use a realtor to sell your home quickly. Many owners opt to go this route to save money and put more of it in their pockets.

If you’re interested in learning more about how it works, visit our website today for more information and we’re happy to help you get started!

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